Rezai-Rashti and Martino Appointed Editors

Congratulations to Goli Rezai-Rashti and Wayne Martino on the recent announcement of their appointment as editors for an upcoming book series entitled: Routledge Critical Studies in Gender and Sexuality in Education.  Other editors involved in this book series include Emma Renold (School of Social Sciences, Cardiff University, Wales), Jessica Ringrose (Institute of Education, University of London, United Kingdom), and Nelson M. Rodriguez (Department of Women’s and Gender Studies, The College of new Jersey, United States).  This very distinguished group of scholars will be working with Routledge to commission book proposals on cutting edge scholarly research in gender and sexuality studies from around the world, as outlined below.

The series is interested in publishing scholarly monographs (mainly hard cover), both sole and co-authored, and edited collections across three broad interrelated areas: (1) Critical feminist Studies and Femininity in Education (2) Masculinities in Education, and (3) Sexualities in Education.  Over a wide range of educational topics, contexts, and locations, the series aims to showcase the most compelling innovative, and timely scholarship in each area, thus contributing to knowledge production in gender and sexuality studies in education.  The series welcomes innovative scholarship and encourages creative and critical theoretical and methodological approaches.


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