CIHR Registration Phase for 2014 Foundation Scheme OPEN

Registration to 2014 Foundation Scheme Pilot

Registration to the 2014 Foundation Scheme 1st Live Pilot competition will open this Monday, March 24, 2014 and will close on June 23, 2014. CIHR has incorporated an extended registration period for this competition to allow additional time for planning as we transition to the new scheme. Complete registration instructions can be found online.

Information on all Program Leaders involved in the application will be collected, however please note that the Program Leader who opens the Foundation registration in their ResearchNet account will be identified as the one who is administratively responsible for the grant. The Program Leader will need to confirm their eligibility to apply to this competition, eligibility that will be validated by CIHR.

Applicants will be required to indicate the estimated budget amount they intend to request for the full 7 year term (5 years for New/Early-career investigators). CIHR acknowledges that details on the Foundation Scheme budget module have not been finalized, but we are in the process of developing the module and it will be shared as soon as possible.

Applicants are encouraged to estimate a budget amount that would be appropriate to support their proposed program of research, taking into consideration their previous CIHR funding history. However, we would like to emphasize that at this stage, applicants are required to provide an estimate only. They are not required to provide any justification and applicants may change their budget request at Stage 2. CIHR is collecting information at the registration stage for administrative purposes only to help with planning.

Research Western:  Joe Halbersma (

Please note: The registration phase of the Foundation scheme does not require a ROLA.


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