Western Internal SSHRB Bridge Grants

Supported by the Office of the Vice-President (Research), the SSHRB Bridge Research Grant is targeted to established researchers to bridge a SSHRC funding/research gap or crossover from equivalent external funding to SSHRC support.

NOTE: Similar funding is available to researchers whose area of research is in the areas covered by CIHR or NSERC

Amount: Up to 25,000 (1/2 of the funding from the VP Research and 1/2 from the Faculty)
**IMPORTANT: you must consult with the Associate Dean, Research in advance of the deadline to negotiate funding from the Faculty of Education

Faculty of Education Research Office: May 1, 2014 (if you wish to have feedback on your application – 1 week prior)
Research Development & Services: May 15, 2014 (decision by July 31)

There are four scenarios in which a researcher may be eligible to seek Bridge support.
1. The researcher’s external SSHRC grant has ended within the past 2 years (not including the terminal year), and has applied to an external SSHRC competition for a renewal or new application(with pending or unsuccessful results).
2. The researcher currently holds a NSERC or CIHR external grant and wishes to crossover and seek SSHRC support.
3. The researcher has held equivalent external funding at Western that required peer review (as a PI, Co-PI or Co-Applicant), but has never held a Tri-Agency grant (as a PI), and has applied to an external SSHRC competition (as a PI), all within 5 years previous to the application deadline.
4. The researcher has applied to SSHRC (as the PI) within the past year receiving a 4A status result and is ineligible for Seed
funding. Applicants must disclose any reviewer feedback received in SSHRC’s referee report and are encouraged to have applications to any external SSHRC competition peer -reviewed before submission.

SSHRC’s Subject Matter Eligibility guidelines apply to this funding opportunity. The applicant must be eligible to hold a research grant at Western.

More information on this program, including application form and guidelines

Applications must be accompanied by a ROLA.

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