Invitation to BIG DATA Synergy Cluster Town Halls

See below and attached for information on a proposed Cluster of Research Excellence.  If your area of research is at all related to this or you can see that it might be related, you are urged to attend one of the “town halls” and “join” the cluster. These Clusters (“defined areas of research strength”) will be the driving force behind research at Western and will be receiving funding / other support from the University.

Cluster of Research Excellence in “Big Data”

A cluster of research excellence proposal in “big data” .. called Big Data Synergy @ Western is  currently being developed.  The vision behind Synergy is (1) to provide a collaborative environment in which to explore “big data” (2) to advance pathways for the development of big data technologies, intelligent decision-making systems and real time analytics (3) to explore the impact of these technologies on individuals and society and (4) to explore appropriate policy and regulatory frameworks to guide the collection and use of “big data”.

What does “big data” mean to you and how is it impacting your research?
Why is the synergistic approach to “big data” for you?
How can you contribute to this research cluster?

COME OUT to one or both of the “BIG DATA” Town Halls to see how you can help shape this cluster!

Town Hall #1: May 1, UCC 56, 1:00-2:30pm, focused on Applications, Agency and Implications
Town Hall #2: May 2, UCC 56, 1:00-2:30pm, focused on Tools, Techniques and Enabling Technologies

In each town hall:
We will provide an overview of …
– The Western research excellence cluster initiative
– The Synergy cluster
– Thoughts on an associated graduate program
– Thoughts on the direction of funding for the cluster
Your input is needed on …
– Where are OUR strengths?
– Who else in Canada is doing this?  What make us unique?
– Potential Linkages/Partnerships?


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