Canadian Research Data Centre Network (CRDCN)

The Canadian Research Data Centre Network (CRDCN) works in partnership with Statistics Canada’s Research Data Centre Program to transform quantitative social science research in Canada. In secure computer laboratories on university campuses across Canada, university, government and other approved researchers are able to analyse a vast array of social, economic and health data.  Below are some of the recent studies and available data sets of interest to Education Researchers:

Income and Children’s Outcomes
The most recent CRDCN synthesis by Annie McEwen and Jennifer Stewart on the impact of income on children’s outcomes is now available on our website.You can also download the annotated bibliography and the Highlight: check it out!

Violence among LGB Couples
A new Research Highlight featuring the work of Betty Jo Barrett and Melissa St.Pierre on intimate partner violence reported by lesbian-, gay-, and bisexual-identified individuals in Canada based on a subsample of respondents from the 2004 General Social Survey is now available. Read it here.

New Datasets available in the RDCs
Data from the Canadian Survey on Disability (CSD) 2012, the Aboriginal Peoples Survey (APS) 2012, the Longitudinal and International Study of Adults (LISA) 2012, the Canadian Survey of Economic Well-being (CSEW) 2013 and the Canadian Tobacco Use Monitoring Survey (CTUMS), 2011-2012 are now available in the RDCs. Contact your local RDC (at Western) or visit the CRDCN website to know more.


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