SSHRC Insight Grant Workshop at Faculty of Social Science

SSHRC Insight Grant Workshop

Hosted by
Erin Huner, Faculty of Social Science, &
Natalie Szudy and Laura Moxey, Research Development and Services

September 11, 2014,  9-10:30

  Social Science Centre, Rm 9420 (in Dean’s Office)

Some broad areas of focus for this workshop will be:

1) SSHRC CHANGES— focus on the new “Future Challenges” that have replaced the priority areas at SSHRC;  discuss how researchers should approach this change and what impact this change might have on proposals and grant writing for SSHRC Insight grants.

2) Grant writing for a multidisciplinary committee

3) SSHRC committee scoring and how this relates to effective grant writing

4) Application process and procedures: dates and deadlines to remember!

5) If you are thinking about applying to either SSHRC Partnership Development or Partnership Grants – discuss how your Insight Grant should be positioned in relation to these larger grants.

Please RSVP by September 3, 2014 to Erin Huner,


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