Western Innovation Funds

Western Innovation Funds are intended to support the cost of projects that will advance innovative research results towards application and commercialization and to provide an incentive to validate and develop commercial opportunities for the investigator’s research. The competitions are for one-time projects based on existing research initiatives. Applicants can only receive one grant per type of project or technology.

Normally, projects are based on a technology, a concept, a process, or an artistic piece that has been disclosed to WORLDiscoveries® by way of a Report of Invention (ROI). Other categories of projects, such as copyrighted material, will also be appended to an ROI.

Projects are expected to be of short duration (6-12 months). They are also expected to bridge the gap between research results and existing proof of principle grants such as the CIHR POP or the NSERC i2i programs. The applicant will have to demonstrate the need in the marketplace, as well as a method to meet that need, i.e. a marketing plan.

Funding of up to $100,000 is available; awards are at the discretion of the review committee. General conditions governing eligibility to apply, supportable research fields, and use of grant funds will be in conformity with Tri-Council guidelines. This funding is repayable only if there is a positive commercial outcome, similar to the way patent expenses and other soft costs incurred by Western towards commercialization would be.

WORLDiscoveries® personnel are available to assist with the structuring of the application or for consultation on issues related to intellectual property, marketing intelligence and commercialization strategy. Applications must offer a clear rationale for the proposed work that have defined milestones (tasks and timing of those tasks) and expected outcomes, exhibit the innovation pathway, and contain a budget explaining how the money requested will be spent.

Deadline:  None. Researchers may apply at any time.


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