New CV for CIHR’s Transitional OOGP Competition

The Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) has created a new Biosketch CV template, which is shorter than the current Academic CV and streamlines the information provided to peer reviewers for the review process.  Together with other improvements that address a number of issues raised by the research community, the Biosketch template will be an important component of the 2016 Project Scheme.

CIHR has been engaging with University Delegates and peer review committee Chairs and Scientific Officers regarding the benefits of using a new CV template for the Transitional OOGP competition.  Based on the generally positive feedback received, CIHR will proceed with piloting a modified version of the Biosketch CV in the Transitional OOGP competition.  The version of the Biosketch CV being used in this competition has been modified to ensure peer reviewers have the necessary information to review OOGP applications based on the specific criteria of this program.  As part of the transition, CIHR will continue to allow the use of attachments that contain information on the publication record and most significant contributions for the Transitional OOGP competition.

Please note that applicants will not be required to re-enter all of their CV information into the Transitional OOGP Biosketch. Their CV information will automatically be populated into the template and applicants will only be required to update their information.

CIHR is in the process of making the necessary changes to the Canadian Common CV.  Therefore, please be advised that the Transitional OOGP Biosketch CV is not yet available.  An announcement will be made to the research community through CIHR Funding News e-newsletter later this week. Supporting materials, including CV instructions and contact information will also be available at that time.


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