New CV Template Now Available for the Transitional Open Operating Grant

To address a number of issues raised by the research community regarding the CIHR Academic CV, CIHR has implemented a new CV template for the Transitional OOGP competition. This template, the Transitional OOGP Biosketch, is shorter than the current Academic CV and streamlines the information provided to peer reviewers for the review process. The version of the Biosketch that will be used for the Transitional OOGP competition will be refined and used in future competitions under the new Project Scheme. Piloting the Biosketch in the Transitional OOGP will be an important step in preparing for this transition. The Transitional OOGP Biosketch is now available through the Common CV.

Please note that applicants will not be required to re-enter all of their CV information into the Transitional OOGP Biosketch. Their existing CV information will automatically be populated into the new template. However, as there are some changes between the Transitional OOGP Biosketch and the traditional Academic CV, some updates will be required, and applicants will need to allow enough time to update their CV information. Only the Transitional OOGP Biosketch will be accepted by ResearchNet at the full application stage. Attempting to use any other template will result in an error, and applicants will be unable to submit their application.

CIHR has developed supporting materials to help applicants update their CVs for the March 2, 2015 application deadline. These materials can be accessed through the Transitional OOGP funding opportunity. Webinars have also been scheduled to help support research administrators and applicants. Registration information is available online. Applicants who have already submitted their applications will be contacted directly to discuss the next steps.

Transitional vs OOGP Biosketch CV_Summary of Changes

If you have any questions regarding the Transitional OOGP Biosketch, please contact

Earlier Registration Deadline

CIHR reminds the research community that the registration deadline for the Transitional OOGP competition is January 9, 2015. This earlier deadline will provide CIHR with additional time to prepare for peer review. If you have any questions about the Transitional OOGP competition, please contact


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