Max Bell Foundation

The Max Bell Foundation encourages the development of innovative ideas that impact public policies and practices with an emphasis on health and wellness, education, and the environment.

Their current strategic priority is to support projects which educate Canadians about public policy and practice alternatives.

Program Areas:
Health & Wellness: The Foundation is interested in supporting projects that promote good health in the broadest sense. They are particularly interested in identifying practical, alternative approaches to the creation and maintenance of the programs and policies which shape Canada’s health care practices.

Education:Max Bell Foundation believes education is a cornerstone of a flourishing, productive society. Canada’s education institutions face many challenges as changing needs, attitudes, economies, and technologies shift the ground in which they are rooted. The Foundation seeks to support projects that focus on innovative ways in which our education institutions meet those challenges. Of particular interest are projects that address the thoughtful use of technology and alternative institutional arrangements.

Project Grants support clearly defined activities designed to achieve a specific purpose that aligns with the Foundation’s mission, strategic priority, and granting guidelines. A typical project grant ranges from 1-3 years in duration and has a budget that ranges from $50,000 to $200,000.

Senior Fellow Grants support mid-career individuals who wish to undertake a well defined project that will add value to debates over critical public policy issues in health and wellness, education, and/or environment. The structure of the fellowship is flexible, but will include a)a meaningful time commitment from the incumbent, not to exceed one year; b) a budget including $80,000 in consideration of the incumbent’s time, and up to an additional $20,000 for related support (e.g., administration, research, travel)

Application Process: Carefully review the mission and granting guidelines of the Max Bell Foundation and, if your research aligns with them, submit a Letter of Intent. The Foundation carefully reviews every Letter of Intent that falls within their program areas and granting guidelines.  Those that qualify are invited to submit a full proposal.

Full Applications must be accompanied by a completed ROLA.


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