International Service Learning: Engaging Host Communities – March 27th Symposium

International Service Learning: Engaging Host Communities

A Symposium

Faculty of Education
Western University
Friday, March 27th, 2015

Thousands of Canadian post-secondary students participate in study abroad and international service learning programs each year in Global South communities. We know a lot about how these international experiences shape Canadian students as culturally aware, open-minded global citizens. What about the communities that host these students? What do they gain, if anything at all, from having these students live in their communities for extended periods of time? What are the implications, both positive and negative, for these host communities? And most importantly of all, how can we engage in mutually beneficial and ethical ways with members of Global South communities who host North American ISL students?

Please see for details about the symposium, including a draft program and how to register.

Featuring: speakers from Lesotho, Haiti, Dominican Republic and Nicaragua who will share their experiences and insights about hosting North American university students in their communities. ISL practitioners and researchers will share their case study research and ideas on how to engage ethically with host communities in the ‘Global South’.

Early bird registration (by January 31st) only $60.
After that date, $75 and students/unemployed only $30.
Refreshments and lunch included.

Sponsored with generous support from Western’s Faculty of Education and Western International.


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