Purchasing at Western Retail Services on Research Grants

Western Retail Services implements Speed Code Validation Process for Research Projects

Effective March 15, 2015, Western identification will be required to validate speed code authorization on research projects. 

Overview: As part of Western’s accountability framework and commitment to increased financial transparency, Western’s Retail Services (the Book Store at Western, Campus Computer Store and Books Plus) are working towards improved controls and processes to support this initiative.

All research expenses are required to be authorized by the Account Holders or their delegates.  This added validation will provide assurance that expenses have been properly authorized, speed codes are being charged correctly, and spending limits are adhered to.  This will also help to reduce processing errors.

System controls have been implemented by Financial Services to authenticate individuals with purchasing authorities.  Western Retail Services will continue to accept speed code purchases only if:

  • individuals are recorded in the Western HR system; and
  • purchasing authority has been documented within Financial Services.

Action: While all Research Project Account Holders automatically obtain spending authority on their research funds, other members of the Research team may be designated to make purchases at Western Retail Services.  To set up authorization for delegates, complete and submit the Research Finance Delegation of Signing Authority Form.

  • Questions regarding the validation process change should be directed to scribar@uwo.ca or ingrid@uwo.ca
  • Questions pertaining to purchasing authorities or delegated authority, should be directed to Research Finance at resfin@uwo.ca

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