Research Data Management Session – Background and Review of Canadian Activities

Join Western Libraries as they host Canadian Research Data Management (RDM) experts. The focus of the talks will be RDM instruction tailored to graduate students and the RDM Toolkit developed at University of Alberta.

Research Data Management: A Backgrounder 
Ernie Boyko (Carleton University)

The Evolution of Research Data Management Instruction at Carleton University 
Wendy Watkins (Carleton University)

Research Data Management – Data Management Plan Toolkit 
Chuck Humphrey (University of Alberta)

Thursday April 16, 1:00  – 4:30 pm
Spencer Engineering Building, Room 2022

Speakers will be addressing topics related to Research Data Management. Wendy Watkins and Ernie Boyko will be talking about training programs that they have undertaken at Carleton University in Ottawa. Chuck Humphrey will be talking about the DMP Builder ( which was developed at the University of Alberta to help users create Data Management Plans, and which is being considered for nation-wide roll-out as a standardized tool for all universities.

If you wish to attend, please register at (to provide with a better estimates of the amount of refreshments needed at the break).


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