SSHRC Insight Grant 2015 – Changes

There are 3 significant changes to this year’s Insight Grant 2015 competition for SSHRC:

  1. Applications will be submitted solely via the Research Portal
  2. All Insight Grant applicants, co-applicants and collaborators must have a Common CV ( to submit or participate on an Insight Grant for this Fall 2015.
  3. There will be no registration phase and/or LOI. Applicants will be able to build an Insight Grant application once SSHRC has built and launched the application in the Research Portal.

In anticipation of these significant changes to the Insight Grant 2015 competition – Research Development & Services will be running a series of CCV workshops once a month throughout the summer for any SSHRC researchers at Western who require assistance with the Common CV.

Please note: since SSHRC has not formally announced or posted these changes; the sessions will provide an overview of the Common CV and how it is linked to the Research Portal for applicants, co-applicants and collaborators.

First CCV session is

Wednesday May 20th, 2015
10:00am – 11:30 am
SSC 9420

Please bring your CCV specific questions to the session(s). Further dates/locations will follow for June, July and August 2015 if you are unable to attend on May 20th. To RSVP for the May 20th CCV session, please email with the subject line “RSVP for CCV workshop” and include your name and faculty/dept.

If you plan to apply for the Insight Grant this Fall 2015 and you do not yet have a CCV; please start the process (building the CCV) as soon as possible. Creating a CCV from scratch can be a very significant time commitment and involves a large amount of manual data entry (i.e. weeks will be required, not days in advance of the Insight Grant deadline). The CCV is available online at .


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