Knowledge Mobilization Opportunity

The What Works series recently sent out a formal call for monographs. What Works is a partnership between the Ontario Association of Deans of Education (OADE) and the Literacy and Numeracy Secretariat.

The current set of monographs in English is available at: What Works: Research Into Practice; in French, they can be found at: Faire la différence… De la recherche à la pratique.) Please review the list of published monographs and find a gap in the research – something that fits well within K-12 student achievement and well-being with a focus on literacy and numeracy. The goal is to put cutting edge research into the hands of busy teachers, ultimately leaving them with a few strategies that can be easily implemented in their classrooms.

For more information please contact: Michelann Parr, Ph.D. (, Terry Campbell, Ph.D. (, Professors, Co-Editors, What Works: Research Into Practice

What makes a great submission? (This publication will be useful to any knowledge mobilization activity meant for teachers or the general public.)


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