SSHRC Connection Grant – Next Competition

SSHRC’s Connection Grants support events and outreach activities geared toward short-term, targeted knowledge mobilization initiatives. These events and outreach activities represent opportunities to exchange knowledge and to engage on research issues of value to those participating.

Matching Funds: SSHRC will not fund the full cost of any connection event or outreach activity. Additional support in the form of cash and/or in-kind contributions (excluding registration fees), equivalent to a minimum of 50 per cent of the amount requested from SSHRC, must come from sponsoring organizations.

Description: Connection Grants support workshops, colloquiums, conferences, forums, summer institutes or other events or outreach activities that facilitate:

  • disciplinary and/or interdisciplinary exchanges in the humanities and social sciences;
  • scholarly exchanges between those working in the social sciences and humanities and those working in other research fields;
  • intersectoral exchanges between academic researchers in the humanities and social sciences and researchers and practitioners from the public, private and/or not-for-profit sectors; and/or
  • international research collaboration and scholarly exchanges between researchers, students and non-academic partners from other countries.

Eligibility: Applicants  must hold an eligible academic research appointment at Western.

Amount: The maximum value for a SSHRC Connection Grant is now dependent on whether it is an “event” Connection Grant OR if it is a Connection Grant with “outreach activities”.

  • “Event” Connection grants are a maximum of $25,000 over one year. (Minimum $7,000 and maximum $25,000). This would require $12,500 in-kind and/or cash contribution.
  • Connection grants with “outreach activities” are a maximum of $50,000. (Minimum $7,000 and maximum $50,000). This would require $25,000 in-kind and/or cash contribution.
  • SSHRC is willing to consider amounts higher than $50,000, although such applications must satisfactorily justify the need for the higher amount, as well as provide evidence that the entire award can be managed within the one-year time frame.


Faculty of Education Research Office: 2 days prior to Research Western deadline. (If you wish to have feedback on your application allow at least one week.)
Research Western: Friday July 31st, 2015 at 2PM ET

**For the August 2015 deadline: All applications must be “submitted” in the SSHRC web-based forms by Friday July 31st at 2PM ET. Western is closed on Monday August 3rd, and therefore any applications submitted after Friday July 31st will NOT be transmitted to SSHRC.

Western ROLA Deadline SSHRC Deadline Decision Date
Thursday July 23rd, 2015 at 5PM (ET) July 31st, 2015 at 2PM (ET)

(Aug 3rd is a holiday in ON, therefore Western RD&S is closed)

Wednesday September 30th, 2015

A ROLA is required for all SSHRC Connection Grants and applications cannot be forwarded to SSHRC without a completed ROLA including chair and dean approvals. Your faculty and/or department may have additional deadlines – please consult your faculty research officer for further information.

Submission process in the SSHRC web-based forms:

  1. When you hit “submit”, the application is sent to Western first and then RD&S is required to “forward” your application with institutional approvali.e. the application does not go directly to SSHRC.
  2. When you “submit”, RD&S will email you to tell you that we’ve received your application as well as what date/time it will be forwarded to SSHRC. If you are going to be away on the day of the deadline or be unavailable by email, please contact
  3. Once you receive the email from RD&S you can ask to have the application returned to you (if you need to make changes). Please note: Returning an application will be based on whether there is enough time provided prior to the sponsor deadline to make changes and submit again before the system closes. i.e. RD&S does not usually return applications on the day of the SSHRC deadline.


1. Applicants can have whatever combination of cash or in-kind they can confirm from sponsoring organizations.   i.e. support from the sponsoring organization can now be entirely in-kind, provided it is justified and calculated appropriately. For information regarding the value of in-kind contributions as per SSHRC, please visit the SSHRC Guidelines for cash and in-kind contributions.

2. There is a restriction on the number of applications per year. As of June 18, 2014, An applicant may apply for one Connection Grant per calendar year. An applicant may not apply for or hold more than one Connection Grant for the same event or outreach activity.” Please refer to SSHRC’s regulations regarding multiple applications for more information.

3. Applicants may draw on complementary funding from SSHRC research grants and/or other research funding agencies, but must make it clear in their budget proposal that there is no duplication of financial support for the same budget expenses. While SSHRC funds may be used in this complementary way, these funds cannot be counted towards the 50 per cent requirement for matching funds. 

More Information and link to Applications


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