CIHR Foundation Scheme Information Session

CIHR 2015 Foundation Scheme Live Pilot

Tuesday, June 23, 2015: 1pm to 3pm

  1. In Person – MSB 282 (Medical Sciences Building)  OR
  2. Simultaneous WEBINAR*

*Those planning on attending the webinar will need to ensure that the computer they are using has working speakers.   Questions can be asked through the chat window function.

YOUR HOSTS: Research Development & Services and Western Research Officers

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: Faculty who plan to submit applications to the CIHR 2015 Foundation Scheme Live Pilot competition (Registration deadline: July 27th).


  • An overview of competition specifics, including Registration and Application stage requirements
  • “Themes” derived from CIHR reviewer feedback from the 2014 Live Pilot
  • Application “tips & tricks” drawn from prior reviewers and applicants who participated in the 2014 Live Pilot
  • Discussion on managing current and future research collaborations ‘strategically’ in light of a)Foundation and Project Scheme eligibility requirements, and b) Individual longer-term research development plans
  • An outline of Western’s internal plan and process to support applicants with 2015 proposal development

Natalie Szudy (Western),, x 85301
Louise Kilianski (Western),, x86098

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