Research OnLine Administration (ROLA) Changes

Changes have been made to the ROLA Proposal forms:

The key change is regarding the questions on the details tab of the ROLA Proposal. These questions are no longer required to be able to SAVE a ROLA proposal, but must be answered by the PI in order to SUBMIT a ROLA proposal. For any administrative person or grad student entering proposal information on behalf of the Principal Investigator, these questions will be visible, but greyed out and not accessible.

When the PI logs in to review and submit the proposal these questions must be answered at that time.

These changes are to assist in compliance, and to ensure the PIs themselves are aware of the responses they are giving regarding their research.

More information on the changes


The Faculty of Education Research Office will continue to complete the data entry on all ROLAs for Faculty of Education researchers but you, as the researcher, will need to ensure that you check the entries that are done and complete the additional details as per the information below and attached before you submit the ROLA. Remember when you hit the submit button in ROLA, this is your signature stating that all of the details in the application are accurate.


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