CIHR – CCV Updates

Please note that effective June 29, 2015, the following changes to the Canadian Common CV (CCV) have been implemented:

Record selection management capability
Users who submit a Canadian Common CV to different organizations or to different competitions within the same organization are now able to manage their record selection for each individual Funding CV template. This enhancement allows users to:

  • Create, edit and save versions of each Funding CV template, each with its own customized record selection. This feature is particularly useful to users who need to submit the same type of Funding CV to multiple competitions;
  • Preserve the record selection made in each individual Funding CV template version;
  • View the number of records selected for submission while updating the record selection in each section of CV template versions.

Please note that when loading a template for the first time after June 29, 2015, or when creating a new template version, the record selection will be based on the Generic CV. Any changes in record selection thereafter will be version specific and will not impact any other templates or versions in the CCV. It is important to note that modifications to the CCV dataset (e.g. creating or deleting records, entering or deleting data in individual fields) will still be reflected across all templates and versions created by a user.

Re-organization of Student/Postdoctoral Supervision records
To enhance the clarity of the Student/Postdoctoral Supervision section in the PDF output of the CCV, all records are now grouped based on the Study Level, followed by descending chronological order.


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