Feedback on the Draft Tri-Agency Statement of Principles on Digital Data Management

The Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR), the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC), and the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC) (“the Agencies”) are federal granting agencies that promote and support research, research training, knowledge mobilization and innovation within Canada.

The Agencies are committed to fostering a robust environment for data stewardship in Canada and internationally, and to helping ensure that Canada is well positioned to contribute to and capitalize on data-intensive science and scholarship. To achieve this, and while recognizing the diversity of data practices and needs within the Canadian research community, SSHRC, NSERC and CIHR are in the process of reviewing and enhancing their data management requirements for Agency-supported researchers.

As a step in this process, the Agencies have developed a draft Statement of Principles on Digital Data Management. This builds on the 2013 consultation document, Toward a Policy Framework for Advancing Digital Scholarship in Canada, information provided by a Comprehensive Brief on Research Data Management Policies, and advice received through stakeholder engagement.

The draft Statement of Principles on Digital Data Management (the Statement) outlines the Agencies’ overarching expectations with regard to digital research data management, and the responsibilities of researchers, research communities, institutions and funders in meeting these expectations. It complements and builds upon existing Agency policies, and will serve as a guide to assist the research community in preparing for, and contributing to the development of, Tri-Agency data management requirements.


SSHRC, NSERC and CIHR invite institutions, associations, organizations and individuals to comment on the draft Statement, its comprehensiveness and balance, as well as its usefulness in advancing data stewardship in general and data management practices in particular. The Statement is available at the following link:

Please note that the Agencies will be accepting feedback on the draft Statement until September 4, 2015. Feedback can be sent electronically to any of the following email addresses:

Please indicate the section(s) of the draft being referred to in your feedback.

Next Steps

By the end of 2015, SSHRC, NSERC and CIHR will revise the Statement as appropriate and formally adopt it. In 2016, they plan to engage the research community to seek advice on realizing the principles expressed in the draft Statement, particularly with a view to developing new data management requirements.


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