Faculty Seminar Series: Dr. Zheng Zhang

The Changing Landscape of Literacy Curriculum in a Sino-Canada Transnational Education Program: An Actor-Network Theory Informed Case Study

Dr. Zheng Zhang
Faculty of Education

Thursday, September 17, 2015
12:00—1:00 pm
Room 1010, Faculty of Education

All are welcome. Bring your lunch and we will supply coffee and cookies.

Please RSVP to tbeynen@uwo.ca


This seminar concerns an exploratory and interpretive case study of the literacy curricula in a Canadian transnational education program (pseudonym: SCS) delivered in China where Ontario secondary school curricula were used at the same time as the Chinese national high school curricula. Using ethnographic tools and actor-network theory, the study sought to understand and conceptualize the constituents, movements, and effects of the institutional, programmatic, and classroom literacy curricula in the program. The study found that many actors were responsible for the various and interrelated forms of literacy curricula from institutional to classroom. Actors included neoliberalism, educational entrepreneurs, and a philosophy of connecting the East and the West, which in particular affected the institutional curriculum. Major findings concern the instability of this novel form of transnational curriculum-making when it was translated into programmatic and classroom curricula. Throughout the descriptions of these actors and translations, the seminar highlights how the changing commitments and interests that mobilized SCS’s literacy curricula eventually enabled and constrained certain forms of literacy and identity options for SCS students. The seminar also addresses the possibilities illuminated by the network movements of cross-border curricula.


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