On the Front Line of Foster Care

The Faculty of Education is pleased to present a complimentary speaker series, “Let’s Talk About Education,” open to the general public to share research being conducted and facilitate discussion around important topics in education.

Please join us for the next presentation: On the Front Line of Foster Care

Presenters:              Dr. Alan Leschied, Professor, Faculty of Education; Patti Forrington, Supervisor for Recruitment,
Training & Homestudy; and Paula Szabo, Recruitment Worker, London and Middlesex Children’s Aid

Date & Time:            Thursday, November 5, 2015, 7:00—8:30 pm

Location:                  Faculty of Education Building, 1137 Western Road, Room 1139 (Community Room)
Free parking provided

Event Description: Ensuring that every child is safe and cared for has never been more paramount, especially for those who suffer violence or neglect that requires the community to provide alternate living accommodations through foster care. Yet, we now live in a time when many of our communities no longer can guarantee that such resources will be available. This presentation will focus on who and why do people foster? How were they recruited? Why do foster parents consider leaving? These questions will be addressed through research, as well as through the lived experiences of those who are on the front line of recruiting, retaining and providing foster care on a daily basis.

To register:  http://www.events.westernu.ca/events/education/2015-11/lets-talk-about-education.html

Let’s Talk About Education web page:  http://www.edu.uwo.ca/research/letstalkeduc.html

Please share with your networks and anyone you think may be interested. Registration is not mandatory, but appreciated to ensure adequate seating and refreshments.


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