CIHR Project Scheme 2016 1st Live Pilot Information Session

December 2, 2015

WHO:              This Project Scheme Information Session is intended for any Western and Lawson faculty members who are planning to

REGISTER and APPLY* for a Project Scheme grant(s) this winter.

WHEN:            Thursday, December 10, 10:00 – 11:00 AM

WHERE:           Medical Sciences Building, ROOM 148

WHAT:             Topics to be covered –

  • Eligibility
  • Registration and Application processes
    • Content overview
    • Restrictions on changes
    • CV requirements
    • Registration & Application submission
  • CIHR adjudication process
  • Faculty/Departmental, Western and CIHR deadlines
  • Support/Resources

*N.B. As at the time of this communication, CIHR had not yet posted the complete Application Instructions on ResearchNet.

CIHR: Update on 2016 Project Grant 1st Live Pilot Competition

November 9, 2015

Registration to CIHR’s first Project Grant live pilot competition will take place between November 16, 2015 and January 18, 2016.

Applicants will not be able to change the summary of research proposal and the list of all participants after the registration deadline. This information will allow us to secure the most appropriate expertise for high quality review of all applications within the competition timelines. The summary of research proposal will enable us to match expertise for peer review. The list of all participants will enable conflict checking for potential reviewers.

Please visit the CIHR website to see the complete registration instructions and to read more about the 2016 Project Grant 1st live pilot competition.

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CIHR Wants to Hear from You

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