SSHRC Insight Development Grant Writing Workshop

You are invited to a SSHRC Insight Development Grant workshop hosted by Erin Huner, Faculty of Social Science, along with Natalie Szudy from RDS.

Some broad areas of focus for this workshop will be:

1) SSHRC CHANGES— we will focus on the new “Future Challenges” that have replaced the priority areas at SSHRC. We will discuss how researchers should approach this change and what impact this change might have on proposals and grant       writing for SSHRC Insight grants.

2) Grant writing for a multidisciplinary committee

3) SSHRC committee scoring and how this relates to effective grant writing

4) Application process and procedures: dates and deadlines to remember!

5)If you are thinking about applying to either SSHRC Insight Grant, Partnership Development or Partnership Grants, we will discuss how your Insight Development grant should be positioned in relation to these larger grants

The workshop will be held on NOVEMBER 27, 2014 from 10-11:30, in rm 9420 in the Dean’s office, Social Science Centre.

Please RSVP by November 20, 2014 to

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